Dragon Ball Super - Unisex - Photoreal Low sports socks (Get 3 Pack Free Shipping)

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HAVE FUN WITH YOUR SOCKS - Don't dress like everyone else! Show off your individuality, personality, & love for Dragon Ball Super with these fun, unique socks

    Officially licensed

    Take Dragon Ball Super wherever you go with these officially licensed Dragon Ball Super socks. 

    Time after time & fight after fight, Goku continually proves himself as the most powerful fighter in the universe.  Rep your favorite Saiyan with 1 pair of these officially licensed Dragon Ball Super socks.  The front features an image of Goku, along with his name down the front of the toe.  You can also enjoy showing off Super Saiyan Goku on the top half of 1 pair, while normal Goku prepares on the toe half.  You might just find yourself saying, "Ka-me-ha-me-HA!" with these 360 printed pair.  Capture Goku's full legacy with 1 pair sporting Goku, along with his 2 sons Gohand & Goten.  The socks feature the 3 Saiyans together across the front in a 360 print that looks just like the anime. 

    Our stylish legwear is the perfect way for fans of Dragon Ball Super to take their favorite show with them wherever they go.  You'll enjoy being comfortable, standing out, & letting your socks start conversations for you. 

    Fiber Content

    • 97% Polyester Blend, 3% Spandex
    • Polyester blended socks are durable, stain resistant, machine washable, & provide super soft comfort
    • Spandex socks are strong, stretchable, & retain their original shape


    • One Size Fits Most
    • Knee-high sports socks
    • Low sports socks